"If you are a jazz lover these ladies don't disappoint! Each one played their part superbly!"


Tokyo Groove Jyoshi (TGJ) is an All Female Jazz/Funk Groove band formed in 2018 in Tokyo by their producer Koichi Kaneko (Neko) consisting of Top Japanese session Musicians. The band’s current lineup is Emi Kanazashi (keyboards/vocals), MiMi Kawakami (drums /vocals) and Rina Hoshino (bass/vocals).

TGJ strives to be a powerful groove band with music beyond the generations, genders and genres. The band went to New York in February 2020 and performed at jazz music clubs such as the Bitter Ed, Shrine, Sugar, Groove and Café Wha? Famous producer Ray Angry invited the band back for more performances and they played almost every night. They have toured all over Japan playing in Festivals and Jazz Clubs. In 2023, TGJ travelled overseas to Taiwan (Sound Wave Festival) and Singapore (where the band headlined at the inaugural Sentosa Music Festival’s "Jazz by the Cove").

TGJ will be touring Australia for the first time in April 2024 playing in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. They will continue to tour other countries as requested by their ever growing legion of fans around the world.

TGJ has 66 videos released on YouTube performing a mixture of originals and covers. One of their originals, "Funk No. 1" has over 17 million views! Their Tower of Power's "What is Hip" (Twin Bass) cover has over 3 million views.

TGJ's single, "Hot summer" was ranked No. 1 in the R&B/Soul in iTunes (Turkey 2 years ago) and their EP "Tokyo Groove" is ranked at No. 8 in R&B/Soul in iTunes (Japan).

The band's third EP called "TGJ Grooving and Dancing" was released in January 2024 reaching No.2 in Japan and Germany in the iTunes R&B Soul category. A new Single "Dance to the Music" was released on 24th December 2023 and is proving to be a big hit in R&B/Soul Top songs on iTunes in Japan and Thailand.

These ladies will delight you with their Smooth Jazz Music and Charm!




MiMi was born in Ishikawa. She picked up her first drum sticks at age 7, and has established herself as a multiple-award-winning drummer. Graduating from the Showa University of Music in 2019, MiMi tours & performs with a range of artists including featuring in Yoko Hamasaki's album and "Blind Love" tour. MiMi stars in musical productions, recently performing in Toshiki Kodamatsu's production Tokyo Syoujo.

MiMi released her first solo album "The:O" in 2020, single "Love Salt" in 2021 and recently released her follow-up album "Family" in 2022 – Self-producing lyrics, composition, arrangements, drums & vocals.


  • Ludwig & Istanbul Agop
  • Ride cymbal
  • Istanbul Agop traditional dark 20'
  • Cymbals
  • Istanbul Agop traditional dark 16'
  • Hi-hat
  • Istanbul Agop traditional light hi-hat 14'
  • Drums set Ludwig
  • Legacy mahogany
  • 22' 12' 16'
  • Snare drum
  • Ludwig LM400(vintage 80's)
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Emi was born in Shizuoka, and started playing piano & electric organ as a young child. She graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music with a Major in electric organ. Featuring in albums & tours of other popular artists including Daichi Hamasaki & soul band Eldolphin H.K, Emi is constantly exploring new sounds and styles.

Emi studied under Philip Woo, Ken Kawamura, Toshitaka Shibata, Yuko Ootaki (Vocals).

She respects borderless musicians such as Cory Henry, Bob James, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Sting and Alicia Keys.


Nord Stage2 ex

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Rina was born in Saitama, and is a second generation bassist. She started her musical journey in junior high school with clarinet, guitar & vocals. Going on to graduate from Maeserhaus and winning multiple awards, Rina has performed at multiple venues including at Ajinomoto Stadium for A-Nation.

In 2018, Rina released her first solo album "Attack!!", closely followed by 2019's "Aquarium" and 2020's "ANCiENT". She now performs full time with Tokyo Groove Jyoshi at over 100 live performances a year.


  • Black Smoker Beta-P4 Experimental Blue
  • Sugi NB4IR ASH T-WH
  • Sugi NB4IR blue
  • Greco WSB-STD,Black
  • Orange Little Bass Thing
  • Orange OBC410&OBC115
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